Persian Scatto Crystalline Stone

This is a  Crystalline Stone is one of the patterned crystals whose mines are in Lorestan province and the suburbs of Aligoudarz city.

This Stone with a white background and sometimes in some varieties a light grey background with irregular grey lines and streaks, which in different varieties of these streaks and lines are different, low and full lines.

In the ideal stone industry, This stone is available in all varieties and dimensions of tiles and slabs and is offered to the domestic and foreign markets.

Persian Scatto Crystalline

Water Absorption


Pushing Resistance


Special Weight




Persian Scatto Crystalline

Persian Scatto Crystalline Stone is the choice of many designers and builders due to its low water absorption, high resistance, and strength against cold, heat, and humidity. This stone can be used in all places, both indoors and outdoors.

Its tile is used for flooring, stairs, walls, and countertops, and its slabs are used as four-match and book-match on interior walls, which designers use for their special design in lobbies and luxurious halls.

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